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Stock Quotes for Excel 4.5.4

Stock Quotes for Excel 4.5.4: Automatic update and management of Stock Quotes into your Excel spreadsheets. Market Indexes and Mutual Funds into your Excel spreadsheets - via Internet. No more manual and tedious updates. No more risk of using outdated data. It seamlessly integrates to Microsoft Excel with functions that allow you to intuitively enter parameters, and query online for their values. Stock Quotes is a very useful add-in for Excel. With Stock Quotes you can query stock quotes, mutual funds, Indices, historial data and option prices directly

EZQuote 1.07.000: EZQuote allows you to download historical end-of-day quotes
EZQuote 1.07.000

market indices, sectors broken down to industries and more, over 30,000 predefined symbols in total. This is a great tool to find and select the securities you are looking for. You can easily update your existing symbol database to the latest available. Analyze any market or sector by using a market breadth calculator, which will let you easily build many popular market breadth indicators such as A/D Line, A/D Ratio, McClellan Oscillator, Arm Index

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Elite Index and Concordance Creator 2.0: Create an Index or Concordance for your book automatically.
Elite Index and Concordance Creator 2.0

index manually. That will take you forever. You need a fast and easy way to generate an index and finally there is a solution. Just export your document to a PDF format file. Then use the Elite Index And Concordance Generator to load that PDF. It will automatically generate a text file of your index or concordance. You can then import that text file back into your document as the index or concordance. Perfect for creating an index or concordance

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stock market news 1.0: stock market today, stock market news
stock market news 1.0

This safari browser toolbar gives latest information to users regarding nasdaq stock market, stock market information, stock market news, stock market reports, stock market today, stocks market, the stock market, world stock market. The program is a freeware.

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Market Comments Monitor 1.0: Market comments and analysis live update.
Market Comments Monitor 1.0

Market Comments Monitor is a freeware program. It shows you automatically updated stock and forex market comments, analysis and events. This tool can be very useful for forex or stock traders. It is wight ware and free. It even does not need to be installed. Simply download the program and start it. The market information is provided from one of the biggest stock indexes and forex broker – Fast Brokers and Forex Strategy Builder.

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NutriGenie Optimal Nutrition 7.5: Award-winning diet software with automatic menu generator.
NutriGenie Optimal Nutrition 7.5

NutriGenie Optimal Nutrition for Windows is simply the most remarkable nutrition software on the market. In a single program, user can evaluate his daily nutrition based on any of the following diet guidelines: - The Food Guide Pyramid Nutrition, - The American Heart Association nutrition recommendations, - The Glycemic Index Diet, - The Low-Carbohydrate, High-Protein diets, etc. Has quality star-rating for any diets.

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Index Binary Option 1: Index Binary Option System Revolutions 12 Simple and fun system to trade.
Index Binary Option 1

Index Binary Option System Revolutions 12 Simple and fun system to trade.  And the system makes you want to actually trade.Revolutions 12 Index Binary Option System is a methodical binary options trading system allows you to take advantage of the opportunity and binary options with index options in a consistent way.Here you have a system that is very simple that you can apply to trading the binary options markets that have brought consistent.

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